A Friend’s Adoption Journey


Meet my friend, Ashley, and her sweet family! They are the Whitfield’s, and they are patently awaiting to adopt a child from Haiti. Ashley and I have known each other since our awkward junior high years, and God has brought our paths back together by way of church and now essential oils.

Ashley’s husband, Ronnie, is pastor of the wonderful One Life Community Church in downtown Wichita Falls, TX. I’ve had the pleasure of attending (and recently serving) for the better part of 8 months now. We love people, no matter where life has taken them. We are all broken, looking for meaning and seek to find that significance in Christ together.

Lastly, Ashley has actually used essential oils a long time now, and her 8-year old son can’t live without them! Lavender helps her kiddos sleep soundly, and Lemon keeps their house smelling fresh!

Please consider supporting the Whitfield’s adoption fund by visiting this site, or becoming a Young Living member today!


Peace, Love, + Essentials


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