I am a born and raised Texan who grew up Wichita Falls, an average, football-loving town. I went to school at Texas A&M and lived in Spain for 3 months, Dallas for 6 years, then ventured out to New York City for 4 years where I never missed a beat! I am in love with that city and the art and culture it provides.

Having  moved back to my home state in early 2014, I am re-adapting to a slower pace of life, plugging into local community, and building a business with Young Living essential oils. I have a passion for healthy living and desire to share that with you!

Here are just a few fun facts:

Jobs I’ve Held:

Gymnastics Instructor :: Substitute Teacher :: Missionary + Mission Trip Coordinator :: Make-Up Artist :: Perfume Vendor :: Non-profit Administrator :: Donor Relations Coordinator :: Music Promotor + Talent Scout :: Events Consultant :: Event Planner + Fundraiser + Alumni Outreach Officer

Random Facts:

I LOVE ballet and contemporary dancing :: I put my hair in a top knot every night before bed :: I LOVE Jesus :: I can read about geography, demographics, and economic development for hours :: Music soothes my soul :: I thrive in social settings, but need time alone :: Reality TV has always been my “go-to” :: I couldn’t live without peanut butter :: I’m a phone-talker

I’d love to get to know you! Email me at

Peace, Love, + Essentials,





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