Cost Effective Gift Giving

IT COULD NOT BE A BETTER TIME TO BECOME A YOUNG LIVING WHOLESALE MEMBER! As the holidays approach, and we all enter the act of gift-giving, I don’t believe there is a more perfect gift than PERSONALIZED health products for your loved ones!

By purchasing the Premium Starter Kit ($150), plus a few more oils/products you’ll receive 3 FREE OILS (in addition to the 11 oils in your kit)!

Not only will you begin a journey of health, peace, purity, and simplification, but you’ll be set with an abundance of ingredients for DIY gifts!

Here are the 3 free oils you’ll receive with a $190 PV (personal volume) order.


Cinnamon Bark: With its beloved, spicy-sweet aroma, Cinnamon Bark is a favorite home fragrance and ingredient in baked goods.

Orange: Fresh, sweet, and citrusy, Orange’s bright aroma can lift the spirits while simultaneously calming the mind and body. Orange essential oil is also a great addition to water for a boost of calorie-free flavor.

Nutmeg: Spicy and warmly aromatic, Nutmeg is perfect for diffusing with other essential oils such as Cinnamon Bark and Clove for a home that smells like fresh-baked cookies. Nutmeg is also comforting, uplifting, and promotes mind and body harmony.

Check out some great bath and body DIY products here, and have some fun! The recipients of your gifts will have much to be thankful for! I can’t wait to make my presents and adorn them with festive decor!

Instructions on signing up as a Wholesale Member are located here. It’s simple! I’d love for you to join my team and journey!

Peace, Love, + Essentials,

Seed to Seal: Winter Harvest



Here’s most impressive characteristic that drew me to Young Living Essential Oils:

The company owns farms all over the world. It’s here that they grow plants, trees, flowers, and more then distill the natural oils directly from their harvest.

Take a look at this video showing their Winter Harvest making Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil from seed to seal.

Winter Harvest 2014 (Seed to Seal) from Young Living on Vimeo.

DIY Bath Salts


I am sharing a fun and easy recipe today just in time for hot baths before we enter the cold winter months. These bath salts require just 2 ingredients! Today I purchased 12 four-ounce jelly jars at my local grocery store for only $8.99! What a deal!



Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Young Living Essential Oils

Fill half a jar with plain epsom salt

Add 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil (Lavender, Lemon, Panaway, Peppermint, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away would work great!)

Close the lid and shake well.

Then, fill up the rest of the jar with salt.

Add a 3-4 more drops of essential oils on top.

Shake again.


A Friend’s Adoption Journey


Meet my friend, Ashley, and her sweet family! They are the Whitfield’s, and they are patently awaiting to adopt a child from Haiti. Ashley and I have known each other since our awkward junior high years, and God has brought our paths back together by way of church and now essential oils.

Ashley’s husband, Ronnie, is pastor of the wonderful One Life Community Church in downtown Wichita Falls, TX. I’ve had the pleasure of attending (and recently serving) for the better part of 8 months now. We love people, no matter where life has taken them. We are all broken, looking for meaning and seek to find that significance in Christ together.

Lastly, Ashley has actually used essential oils a long time now, and her 8-year old son can’t live without them! Lavender helps her kiddos sleep soundly, and Lemon keeps their house smelling fresh!

Please consider supporting the Whitfield’s adoption fund by visiting this site, or becoming a Young Living member today!


Peace, Love, + Essentials


Essential Oils are used for much more than you may think: to improve health, clean house, to cook, for skincare, and the list goes on! Thanks for stopping by. Stay a while and learn how essential oils can change your life! Please go to the MENU in the upper right corner to learn more!